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Tie Dye at Home

Photo Credit: Free People

Tie-Dye is having a major quarantine fashion moment and becoming a staple in everyone’s quarantine outfits (at least that’s what my Instagram feed is showing me). I am fully on board with adding some color to brighten up my wardrobe (and my mood) in these funky times. The best part is that there is no need to go out and buy additional materials. You can participate in this DIY activity with very few materials and up-cycle clothes you already have at home.

Here are some dyes that you can use to brighten up some pieces from your existing closet:

  • Tie-dye with turmeric: turmeric creates a bright yellow dye on clothes, check out this article to see how to use it.

  • Use different foods and plants: check out this article for different natural dye suggestions for different colors. Click here for another article with additional ideas.

  • Etsy has some natural dyes for purchase: you can buy natural dyes from this etsy page for your tie-dye.

Happy Tie-dyeing!!

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