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The Top 10 Roundup of Documentaries about Climate Change

Photo Credit: dreamstime.

Here is a list of films to watch that combine entertainment with great information about caring for our planet.

Credit to Sustainably Motivated for the movie ideas on this list.

1. “Merchants of Doubt”

This documentary shows the link between the denial of dangers of cigarette smoke to the denial many people currently have about climate change.


2. “A Fierce Green Fire”

“A Fierce Green Fire” studies the development in popularity of the environmental movement.

Movie Poster for “A Fierce Green Fire”. Photo Credit: Creative Move.

3. “Surviving Progress”

This film showcases the potential dangers of over consumption that has come with human technological advancement.

Movie Poster for “Surviving Progress”. Photo Credit: Pentangle Arts.

4. “This Changes Everything”

This film aims to encourage excitement in helping our environment resist climate change.

Movie Poster for “This Changes Everything”. Photo Credit: wikimedia.

5. “Tomorrow”

“Tomorrow” presents new and exciting ways to view agriculture, economics, energy, and education, with ways to help make a difference in our environment at the local level that will then reach the global level.

Movie poster for ‘Tomorrow’. Photo Credit: Films For Action.

6. “An Inconvenient Truth/Sequel”

“An Inconvenient Truth” shows the history and possible effects of climate change to our Earth. “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” keeps up with climate change and urges government officials to step in and help efforts to help our environment.

Movie poster for “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”. Photo Credit:

7. “Trashed”

This documentary shows how adjustments to lifestyle can help our planet.

Movie Poster for Trashed”. Photo Credit:

8. “Dirt!”

Shows how regardless of circumstances, dirt can always create fertility, and the need to protect our earth’s soil.

Movie Poster for “Dirt!”. Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

9. “Chasing Corals”

Shows changes in our oceans and the need for reducing the rate of climate change to protect ecosystems like coral reefs.

Movie Poster for “Chasing Coral”. Photo Credit: The Red and Black.

10. “Earth from Space”

A documentary showing the beauty of our earth and the forces that sustain it.

‘Earth from Space’. Photo Credit: BBC (The British Broadcasting Company).

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