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The Feel Good File from April 24, 2020

Photo Credit: Good Morning America


Hey Friends,

According to the official calendar, Earth Day was this past Wednesday, April 22. For so many of us, every day is a celebration of all that our planet has given us as we commit to a lifestyle that leaves our children with the planet in better shape than we inherited it. No small order, but we’ve turned that climate change frown upside down during isolation, and nature is getting wild! (For more on this, please see my Earth Day message). This – and the announcement that the curve is finally flattening – are just a few of the happy-making takeaways from this past week. Creativity has reached new heights, as we can see from all the feel-good bites that are taking us into the weekend. Camping and a quarantini? Yes, please. See below, have fun, and remember to spread the word if you like what you’re reading.


What’s making you smile these days? Send it over and we’ll be sure to share next week.


For Tomorrow,



Something to show love for NYC: This video about strength and love in these hard times in NYC, narrated by Cuomo, has #allthefeels.


Something to show ingenuity: Organization Love Beyond Walls puts hand-washing stations all around Atlanta for the homeless, thanks to one man’s creative idea. 


Something to show care: Beauty to the Streets founder Shirley Raines helps homeless in LA look and feel their best during Covid19, and gets a write-up in Vogue, to boot.


Something sustainable and crafty: Create upcycled tissue box monsters using items in your home thanks to the 92nd Street Y’s digital programming.


Something adventurous at home: Have a “rain or shine” indoor camp-out for the entire fam. (Is it ok if this is just for mom and her Quarantini?)


Something trendy and eco-conscious: Miley Cyrus and Moschino designer, Jeremy Scott, teach us how to upcycle some super-bomb jeans and Ts.


Something to read to your kids about: Amy Adams and Jennifer Gardner, along with their actor, comedian, singer and designer friends, read our favorite stories to kids on IG @savewithstories to benefit Save The Children and No Kid Hungry. Rose Byrne will be taking our place reading Llama Llama Red Pajama at bedtime tonight.


Something to scroll for: We are all paying some serious homage to our Earth Mamma on IG, and here are our top fave celebrity Earth Day posts.


Something to show evolving times: Insight on the future of fashion via Anna Wintour on Instagram: “But for all the damage we’ve seen, it is also clear that there is opportunity as well. Everyone we were speaking to seemed to agree: that fashion needs to change. That when we come back from this crisis… Which we will, we should come back with purpose: stronger and more thoughtful and more sustainable in what we do.”


Something to show how when we band together we can make it happen: At @Shop_Tomorrows, we heeded the call from Yale New Haven Hospital to gather masks. Our drive has brought in over 300 handmade masks and over 1000 commercial masks for healthcare workers at the Yale New Haven Hospital! The hospital’s needs are now filled and we will be taking our efforts to Stamford and Norwalk, CT hospitals. Please join! Reply to this email for more info. Plus! Don’t miss our Earth Day Every Day Roundup filled with super-fun and easy kid stuff here.

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