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The Feel Good File from August 31st, 2020

It has been a summer for the books. But not in the usual way. In the past, we’ve approached this transition between summer to fall with a type of wistful glee. We’d look back at the getaways and the packed parties and the family bbqs, and close out summer with a tinge of sadness met with all those butterfly flutters for fall. But for this summer we will remember the small moments. The observed exchanges between siblings, the milestones that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, the intimate conversations between friends one-on-one at 6′ apart. I hope 2020 will be remembered not as the summer where we missed out, but as the season where we tuned in.
So what is NEW AND GOOD? Well, in case you missed it – Shop Tomorrows launched and is now live nationwide; Vogue’s done a mega turnaround and ditched models; and the global phenom #secondhandseptember starts tomorrow with celebs aplenty promoting our fave way to shop. Here’s the scoop…
Shop Tomorrows is LIVE and calling for fall. Just in time for back-to school! Now you and all your friends can turn your piles of outgrown kids’ clothes into awesome stuff that fits – without ever losing a cent on commission. Fall is selling fast, so upload your items to Shop Tomorrows and get great stuff in return from closets you trust.

In the NY/CT area with great clothes to sell? Ask about our launch offer where we  help you photograph and sell your first items!

Breaking the bronze ceiling: NYC’s Central Park unveiled its first monument featuring real women last week. The Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument aims to amend racial and gender disparities in public art, and includes the figures Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, leaders in the women’s suffrage movement. The perfect anniversary gift to the 100-year anniversary of the women’s right to vote!

Photo Credit: Marie Claire
Octogenarian Insta stars: Forgot your clothes at the laundromat? Don’t worry, this stylish Taiwanese couple found them for you. Octogenarian laundromat owners have become Instagram-famous for posing in customers’ forgotten clothing. Way to master the art of secondhand!
Photo Credit:
British Vogue Goes Green: When you think of the cover of Vogue, it’s easy to imagine high fashion and glam models. Instead, the magazine hit “reset” for the August issue and paid tribute to nature.
Photo Credit: Vogue 

Something to sing along to: Cat Stevens’ music video for the song “Where Will the Children Play?” about plastic pollution is epic and good for kids. Bonus: 90% of the video was made using recycled materials.


Masks without barriers: Have you considered what a barrier it is for the deaf and hard of hearing (and their caregivers) to wear a mask? Check out this genius idea for clear masks.

Recycled fibers you wear on the daily, demystified: Just how do those clothes actually get made? This video from Patagonia shows how discarded tees get a second life.


The next time you hear from me, back-to-school will be in full swing in whatever capacity we’ve landed, and we will be readjusting to a new level of uncertainty. So let the good times roll, wear a mask, and love your loved ones. No matter how crazy things get, there will always be photos of dogs in tiny polos to bring a smile to your face. That’s what we’re here for.

To Tomorrows,


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