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The Feel Good File from August 26, 2021

Friends, while I’m aware that as the CEO of a secondhand kidswear network I should be pumping us up with back-to-school motivation and virtual “you’ve got this” high-fives and touting our sale, I have something else on my mind: The women and children in Afghanistan, and the countless lives who served to protect them and their rights so they can one day flourish in freedom. Recently, a dear friend who served in the infantry in Kandahar despaired that his job was to protect the workers building schools for girls who will likely never be given an education or the freedom that learning avails by their country. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is frightening and devastating. We are pledging a percentage of our revenue to aid in the relief efforts (more on this soon). Beyond this, let’s hold our own freedoms in our hearts and remain grateful that our boys and girls will enter our classrooms and learn not only for school, but for a thriving life ahead.

Now on to The Feel Good File… sustainable back-to-school edition!


Thanks, Mom and Dad: Enjoy this article from BlogHer and Dreamers & Doers about the impact my parents’ entrepreneurial spirits had on my decision to become a business owner. Read my story (they saved the best for last!), as well as those from 32 other inspiring female founders and CEOs.

Credit: Dreamers and Doers


Doing good in the neighborhood: Helping the planet can start right on your street, and can be a fun ice breaker with their new classmates! NatGeo Kids shares some amazing ways for the kiddos to organize their own neighborhood cleanup in this article.


Earth to Greta: Vogue + Greta Thunberg = mind blown. Read the article for her criticism of fast fashion and her vision of a sustainable future, as well as an optimistic reminder that our children will be the ones saving the planet.

Credit: Vogue Magazine


DIY school days: Save money, your sanity AND the earth. Here are some sustainable and fun back-to-school DIY creations—including a face mask, of course!


Making lunch easy: We all need this roundup of cool lunch containers that are reusable, sustainable, and kinda chic! Plus, they can actually make your life easier when packing school lunches. Sign us up.


Preloved for Fall: Secondhand September is right around the corner and Shop Tomorrows is 100% in, committing to only buying secondhand for the entire month and responsibly reloving the items that are no longer serving us. Take the pledge with us and tag us on IG when you post with the #secondhandseptember hashtag.


Teach our children well: Poet Laureat Amanda Goreman has graced us with a book of her earth-shattering poem, The Hill We Climb, and a children’s book to accompany her work, Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem. Buy both for the school year ahead. Your soul will thank you.


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