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The Feel Good File from April 17, 2020

Hey Loves,

Welcome to Earth Month, the 30 days that fall somewhere between March and August on my personal Quarantine Calendar, because who’s counting. It used to be that our Mother of all Mothers got just one day of glory, but no… now she gets a whopping 1/12th of the calendar year. Looks like Climate Change is sharing the same publicist as Coronavirus. This month we celebrated Passover and Easter (in case you missed them), prompting the question, Why is this Easter egg hunt different from all other Easter egg hunts? And it was announced that one symptom of the virus is losing your sense of taste, which is, as it turns out, also a symptom of motherhood.

So without delay, here are the brightest news bites of the week for some very extra feel-good vibes.


Something to inspire you to help others: Read about this CT family who made masks at their home in efforts to help the virus. Follow @shop_tomorrows on Instagram to see how you can help with mask drives locally.


Something to unite and entertainOne World: Together At Home, a global broadcast and digital special on April 18th through fave organization Global Citizen and activist-supreme Lady Gaga.


Something to give back: Earn money for a charity of your choosing just by walking, taking a run or bike ride using the app Charity Miles. Many environmental causes are on here, to boot!


Something to show people coming together: Luxury brands like Prada are using their facilities and workforce for good to produce PPE for healthcare workers.


Something that’s trending: Masks are now becoming normal for self protection, but with designer brands producing them with luxe logos, are they turning into a fashion trend?


Something to show people fighting for what is right: The #PayUp Petition calls out fast-fashion companies who owed money to factories after canceling their orders, and we are winning.


Something to win: Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres are taking part in the ALL IN Challenge. Donate to organizations that help feed America, and have a chance to win a once in a lifetime experience.  


Something to support those who put clothes on your back: Garment workers are struggling for work and pay, so the Garment Worker Center put together a relief fund for LA garment workers. 


Something to entertain and learn: Vogue AU Sustainability Editor Clare Press’s podcasts on movers and shakers in the style & sustainability world is Earth (and sanity) saving good.


And our 10th highlight:

Since just last week, the Tomorrow’s community has donated hundreds of masks to our healthcare workers at Yale New Haven Hospital and Norwalk Hospital! Thank you to those who have contributed. Keep it rolling! We are using Pattern B from this link. Please email us for materials, and/or to schedule pick-up and drop offs through us. We’ve got you.

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