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Outdoor Toddler Activities

At Tomorrows, we are committed to bringing you fun activities that are low on waste and high on nature. What better way than to take advantage of spring weather and enjoy our beautiful outdoors? When is the last time you did that as a family? We’re here to help put a positive twist on our circumstances by helping you create positive moments and lasting memories. We will get through this together! Here is our list of awesome outdoor toddler activities: 

Outdoor Toddler Activities

Start composting

Feed your garden with extra food waste like the veggies you bought and didn’t get to finish or your coffee grounds from the last pot (or two, or three…or five) you made. Plus, you can compost your preloved textiles! Together, food waste and textiles make up more than 1/3 of the municipal waste stream. Teach your kiddies from a young age sustainable hobbies that can develop into habits. For my Fairfield County momma’s, there is  a curbside composting program offered. Read here about how you can take care of your community, If we’ve learned anything from our current situation, it’s that we need to do our part.


Plant vegetables and herbs

Another positive part of all of this is the weather is getting warmer! Start up that garden in your backyard you’ve always wanted to have, but have no time for. Or plant indoor herbs in little pots. This unplanned-for- time you’ll have at home can be an excuse to exercise your green thumb. Check out the ASPCA’s list of toxic and nontoxic plants. Research some eco-loving plants and homegrown veggies for the spring season and start a hobby that can be done with the family or used for some me-time. Win-win!


Child watering herb plantsPlant an herb garden! Photo:

Go on a treasure-trash clean-up on the beach

While we’re enjoying the warmer weather, we can head to the beach! According to, “Based on Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES Database, about 60% of beach litter is plastic.” We can take care of our health during this time, and take care of our environments health too. Head for a different kind of family beach day. As we’re getting closer to Earth month, take care of the Earth that takes care of you.


Child holding back of trash found on the beachBeach treasure hunt crew! Photo:


Scavenger hunt for shapes outdoors

Head over to Pinterest. (We see you scrolling through Pinterest while you WFH. We might be, too. Shh!) You can search through Pins to find clues to create a fun, outdoor scavenger hunt with the family. See that heart in the clouds? The triangle in the tree branches? Kids never get tired of showing off their shape #skillz.


Collect rocks to paint

Collect rocks from your own yard or while you’re out for a walk and create some memories and home decor with your kids. Challenge them to search for different shaped and sized rocks. Once your work is complete and their homeschool work has (finally) been finished, you can all wind down together painting the rocks. For a fun twist, you can paint reassuring affirmations and leave them around the house for each other as we try to stay positive during this hard time. This is a total win with the older kids, too. Your VSCO-tween will thank you!


Trendy painted rocksOne of the zillions of painted rock images found on VSCO.


Gather Leaves for Art Projects

Kids can hunt for leaves that can be implemented into your new craft time, too! Search for leaves of all different colors, shapes and sizes. Then bring them home and use them for stencils and stamping. Let the refrigerator art reign! We are here for life hack videos while we try to live our sustainable life everyday, but especially now. Watch this tutorial by Awesome BG Creations on how to create stamps out of your painted leaves.


Hand the Camera to the Kids

As you plan out your at-home activities for the month, let them capture the memories you are creating. If your kids enjoy photography or a little iphone time, help them explore what they’re seeing in nature by taking photos. “Taking a “bird’s eye” or “bug’s eye” point of view with the camera can encourage them to see the flora and fauna from a different perspective.” Great idea from

Goldie playing outsideFounder Haley Lieberman’s daughter, Goldie, taking full advantage of fun in the sun and quality time with mom and dad and George. Photo credit: Haley Lieberman


For extra ideas on what to do at home, we love this article on outdoor activities. Make time for memories while we lean on each other to get through this.


We hope you enjoyed our round up of outdoor toddler activities. Check out more of our blog posts where we discuss all things style, sustainability, and motherhood:

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