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Happy Earth Day!

Dear loves,

Fifty years ago today, in 1970, 10% of the entire United States came together to fight for a better planet on our first Earth Day. Today, we not only fight for our planet. We fight together, globally, for humanity. More than ever, it is clear now just how interconnected we are with one another, and with nature. While we stay home, nature is blooming. A global “reset” button has been pushed, giving wildlife the opportunity to run free through cities that have never seen clearer skies than those that we have today. Pollution is lower than it has been in decades, and skylines are once again seen from cities in China to LA. It is a glorious time for nature, and a difficult one for us. But this resurgence should not be temporary. It shows that climate change is possible within a short period of time. But it’s not easy, and will take a true commitment to our values. As we reset and take a consumption quarantine, let us consider how our purchasing power can make a difference in the world we lead to our children. At Tomorrows, sustainability and a circular economy have always been front and center to our mission. Our reason for existence is to give parents like you the tool to harness the resources that exist within our communities and to circulate goods between us within our trusted network. All that we ever need for our kids is right here, amongst friends, neighbors and communities. We look forward to delivering upon that mission when we open our virtual doors in the weeks to come. As we look forward to the future let’s consider the present as our first step towards a consumption “reset.” While today, our crisis lays deep in the humanity surrounding us, the urgency of tomorrow – which we hope is right around the corner –  is saving our planet.

For Tomorrow,


Our favorite Earth Week activities for you and your littles:


  • Todd Parr’s The Earth Book, Founder Haley Lieberman’s kids’ #1 favorite book of life.

Crafts/Kids Activities:

  • Nasa has some awesome online resources for kids of all ages. From videos with Elmo visiting the Kennedy Space Center, crafts/projects, articles, online games, puzzles, pictures of the earth from space, the list goes on and on. There are also eco-friendly kid-friendly activities on the website!


  • 14 Short films, “Where Activism Gets Inspired” free tonight at 7pm on Earth Day Live starts today and runs for 3 days. Earth Day Live livestream focuses on various topics and feature discussions with celebrities, activists, musicians and scientists who are fighting for a better future.⁠

Watch (for kids):

  • Disneynature has released some really fascinating and visually stunning documentaries you and your kids would like. Most can be streamed on Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ that focus on various animals or the planet in general


  • Download the Earth Challenge 2020 app. This app is a citizen science effort which allows you to collect information about plastic and air pollution (with more measures to come this year) that will become data points to help researchers, policymakers and society understand, and ultimately counter, the damaging environmental trends occurring.⁠

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