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DIY T-Shirt Pillow

Every piece of clothing has a story, and we all have that one top (or more!) that we can’t seem to part with. Was it the blouse that you just HAD to buy for your kiddo because you fell in love with it? Was it the t-shirt from their first sports team victory? Either way, why let it just sit in their closet when you can turn it into something sentimental you can enjoy every day!

At Shop Tomorrows, we love DIY, upcycled, craft projects to give your kidswear a second life. Here’s a favorite quick and easy (and sustainable!) project to turn your kids’ outgrown tops into pillows you can cherish forever. 


What you need: 

Sewing machine (not necessary but recommended) 

Needle and thread 



Stuffing to fill the pillow 

And of course… your favorite shirt! 





1. Start by laying the shirt in front of you. Cut the sides straight up along the seam, reaching the sleeves. Cut the sleeves. 

2. You will be left with just the center portion of the shirt. Open it up until the fabric is flat and the hole is in the middle. Cut below the collar on both the front and the back, creating 2 panels. 


3. Now you’re ready to sew! 


4. Line up the front panel with the back panel. The sides that you want on the outside of the pillow should now be facing each other on the inside. 

Before you start sewing, it is best to pin the layers together to make it easier to keep everything in place.

5. Now, sew along the edges of layered panels. Continually sew along the edges, rounding at the corners. 

Leave about ¾ of the last side open to give room to insert the stuffing. 


6. Once you are done sewing, flip the pillow case inside out so the decorative side is facing out. 

7. Take the stuffing and stuff the inside of the pillow through the opening. 


8. Once it is stuffed to your desired amount, you will sew the opening shut. Manually sew the opening so that it is sealed. 


9. Now, all you have to do is find the perfect spot to show off your new creation!

We hope this t-shirt pillow helps you not only find a sustainable way to reuse your clothes, but also keeps memories of your favorite outgrown clothes alive!


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