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DIY Ribbon Shirt

I know we can all agree on one thing… THE MORE BOWS, THE BETTER! 


Every parent knows those boring tops in your kiddo’s closet that are still in good condition, but are sitting there collecting dust. As a mom, I am always looking for new cute tops for my daughter. However, why buy a new top when you can reuse what you have to make your own? Sustainability and creativity are always in style! 


Here at Shop Tomorrows, we love this quick, easy, and sustainable way to turn your little’s plain top into one that will pop! 

What you need: 

Sewing Machine (not necessary but recommended – can use a hot glue gun instead)

Needle and thread



Tape measure




1. Start out by flipping the shirt over so the back is facing up.

2. The size and cut of the shirt will determine where you will be cutting the collar to make the “V” slit. For the shirt that I used, I measured 1.5 inches from the shoulder seam. (you can also measure it by marking where the tip of the shoulder blade is). Using the tape measure and pencil, measure and mark these measurements on both sides.

3. Now, you will be measuring where the bottom of the “V” cutout will be. Starting with the tape measure exactly between the 2 markings you made on the collar, measure down to approx. ⅓ of the back. For this shirt, I marked the bottom of the “V” 4 inches down the back.


4. Once you have made the 3 markings, take your scissors and cut a “V” shape starting from the collar and then down to the bottom mark. 


5. Now it’s time to grab the ribbon (yay!). Cut the ribbon in half so you are left with 2 long pieces.

6. In order for the ribbon to not fray while sewn to the shirt, fold over the edge of one side of the ribbon and sew along the end. Do this for both pieces of ribbon. 

7. Align the sewn edges of the ribbon with the top of the “V” with the inside part of the ribbon facing down. (when you sew the ribbon, you want the good side facing up). The seams on the folded part of the ribbon should line up with the cut part of the shirt. 

8. When sewing the ribbon to the shirt, sew along the very end of the ribbon. Do this for each side. 


9. Ok! Your shirt is almost done! Now that you have both ribbons sewn to the shirt, all you have left to do is tie your bow!

10. Once you tie the bow, you can cut the ribbon to whatever length you desire. I recommend having the bottom of the bow line up with the bottom of the shirt. 


You’re all done! Who knew making your own designer top could be that easy! 




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