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Shoot, List, Sell!

Shoot, List, Sell!

Here are our ultimate hacks to help your preloved items sell based on tips and tricks from our community. Shop Tomorrows did the work – so you don’t have to!

1. Take great photos. This is a must. Photos get your closet the attention it deserves… which means faster sales.

Background: Find a plain background that’s ideally white and a hard, solid surface (in other words, avoid bedding). Poster boards from your kids’ projects are the absolute best. 

Lighting: Lighting is everything. Try to shoot your images in natural light. Set up near a window, go outside, or use lights that you have around the house to add brightness to the shot.

Display: Arrange your clothing items neatly and make sure to capture the entire item in the photo.

Edit: Don’t be afraid to brighten up the photo with the light editing feature on your phone. Careful not to overdo it though, so your reds and blacks don’t look pink and blue. 

Transparency: Photograph all the details and the imperfections! If your item is new with tags, include a picture of the tag! Missing a button? No problem. Give that a shout out, too.

Number of photos: Don’t forget the details! Be sure to snap pics of details like the back of jeans, close-ups of a cute detail, or even a photo of the item being worn. You can list up to 6 photos per item.

Photo taking “Dos” and “Don’ts”






































2. Make connections + invite your friends. Spread the word!

Expand your circle and connect with people in your network, neighborhood, and beyond through the Closet Connection feature. Search by name, zip and more, then click “connect”!

Invite friends to join Shop Tomorrows through the “Invite a Friend” feature. You’ll earn 5 tokens for each friend who joins!

Share your closet on your IG or Facebook using #shoptomorrows #secondhandcircles (and don’t forget to tag us for a chance to be featured).


3. Be active, list often.

List often: Recent items show up first, so be sure to post often for your listings to land at the top of the “Shop” page and Search results.


4. Be responsive

Check your email inbox: So you don’t miss an alert when you have a new sale, someone’s favorited your item, or they’ve asked a question that will lead to a sale.

Check your Shop Tomorrows Notifications: For alerts on sales, messages, tracking status, reviews, new connections and more.

Answer promptly: Answer any questions you receive from potential buyers. P.S this will also help you get a higher review at the end of a sale, which helps you sell faster anyway!


5. Sell at the right time.

Timing: Don’t hesitate to post those school clothes, sweats, dresses and sneaks. They sell well all year ‘round. Seasonal items like bathing suits and snow clothes sell best when listed during (or just before) the season they are worn in.

Trade it up: If winter is approaching, sell your kids outgrown kids jackets and use your tokens to buy a jacket that fits! Or use last years’ Buzz Lightyear costume to buy this year’s Baby Shark.


6. Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Tell us about your item: Is there anything we should know, like do the shoes run small or is the zipper finicky? What is the item’s fabric or style?

Tell us its history: Is there a story behind it? We want to hear it! Tell us if your daughter wore that dress to her first birthday party, or if that cute sweater was a family fave in holiday photos. Buyers love seeing a preloved item’s history. 

Fill out your profile: Upload a profile picture of yourself and include a short bio to help others get to know you. Items in closets with profile photos sell faster!

Check out these uploads from our expert sellers:












7. Pricing

List your items at a price to sell. Check out similar pieces that have sold on the site for a price estimate. Think about the condition + brand. Remember: You get to keep 100% of the item’s resale value! 

Use the pricing suggestion tool to help you estimate what to list the price for.


8. Tags

Help your items get seen: add keywords into the “tag” section.

Take a look at this vest. Include tags like “puffy” “vest” “jcrew”  – all descriptors help shoppers find the right items when they’re using the Search tool.

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