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The Feel Good File from November 24th, 2020

I don’t know about you, but we could really use an *actual* Thanksgiving break (oh, who are we kidding, we’ve needed a big ol’ break since about late March). Seriously, we never thought we’d miss a crazy crowded airport on a holiday weekend quite so much, but since that isn’t in the cards these days, a mini mental vacation will have to do.

Whether you’re in the mood to be distracted, or delighted, or you’re in your Deep Thoughts, the Internet is a virtual horn of plenty. So here’s a round-up of some of our all-time favorite videos (old and new) to boost your mood this holiday season. Because hey, three minutes “away” is better than no minutes—even if you have to lock yourself into the bathroom to make it happen!!

So without further ado, we present…




Something to toot our own horn: Our founder and CEO Haley chats with Laura Egloff of Velveteen Clothing for CORE: Imprint about creativity, sustainability, and the ins and outs of a circular economy.

Image: Haley Lieberman and Laura Egloff


Something jaw-dropping: Not sure what’s more mind-boggling—these Fredrik Tjaerandsen balloon dresses, or the sight of maskless crowds at a packed fashion show…


Something that’s just pure joy: If you can find anything purer than this cockatoo dancing along to Elvis, I’d very much like to know what that is.


Something warm and fuzzy: If you’re longing for the good old days, how about a James Corden Carpool Karaoke throwback to Michelle Obama (perhaps our fave of all time?) or Lin-Manuel Miranda & friends for a special Broadway edition (until we can go to the theater again–sniffle).


Something crafty: Check out these 11 completely no-sew ways to upcycle your old clothes, easy as 1-2-Free (seriously, if you can paint a line, you can make an old pair of jeans into something brand new and completely you).


Something about… a sock? Maybe? We will never ever get tired of watching these twin babies babble on in their own special language to figure out what happened to that missing sock!


Something for the dog lovers: Please enjoy as this mini dachshund steals a toy from a black lab… and definitely watch until the end for a hilarious finale.


Something to rock out to: Nandi Bushell is a drumming sensation who’s jammed with Lenny Kravitz, battled with Dave Grohl, and can go wild to Nirvana with the best of them… and she’s only 10 years old.


Something for perspective: However bad you think homeschool went today, just remember, it could always get worse


Something for Tomorrows: Portugal. The Man made a music video just for us, reminding us all that the sun always comes back up, and that “Tomorrow” is bound to be a better day. And for a slightly *different*  take on a familiar tune, check this one out too.


Something to make you laugh (so you don’t cry): New Year’s Resolutions are always a gamble, but if you had big goals for 2020, well, comedian Robyn Schall is here with a reminder of why it mayyyyy not be the best idea to revisit that list.


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