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Get Into Character At-Home Dress up & Role Play

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Has your young one gone a little stir crazy, or very stir crazy? We all have at this point right? Well, if you’re struggling to find an activity that is both time consuming and entertaining for your child, you’ve come to the right place. Quarantine may be the perfect time to let your little one explore their imaginative side by at-home role play. What is our favorite part of role playing? The dress up portion of course! No shopping and no waste required.

First Step, Scavenger Hunt

Does your tiny tot have a favorite Disney Princess, superhero, or a character they love? Have them search around the house for pieces they can use to dress up and role play. They can find an array of clothing items, accessories, or anything eco-friendly to use in a character ensemble with zero-waste. Got a blue sheet stored away in a closet? Use it as an Elsa cape!

Next Step, Put the Pieces Together

Once your child puts together their costume, their faces will light up. They’ll understand how a few little pieces can be put to great use without buying anything new or creating waste. Your tot will also learn the importance of up-cycling underused items. Now moms, if you’ve got a little one who’s always begging to try your makeup, a dress up occasion like this would be a great time. Let them shine in some of your lipstick (cruelty-free preferably) while they role play.


Recycled fashion kids

Image credit: Pinterest

Finally, Be the Character

When all the finishing touches are done, encourage your young one to act as if they are the character they chose to dress up as, hence “role play”. If your child is Cinderella, ask her to dance as if she’s at the royal ball. If your child is a Ninja Turtle…..well ask him to do whatever a Ninja Turtle does. Once they are fully in character, set up a FaceTime or Zoom call with your child’s best friend to let them role play together! Helpful tip, coordinate ahead of time. Talk to your mom-friends so their tots can dress up too! It’s about time Princess Aurora and Rapunzel had an at-home virtual playdate.

Other Ideas!

◦Fashion Show: Set up an indoor or outdoor “runway” lined with flashlights and lanterns for an at-home fashion show! Your child will be more than happy to dress up and show off their creative costumes. There will also be great photo opportunities! If you’d like, let your child try on your old evening-wear, they may stumble around a bit, but they will surely feel glamorous. Once the pandemic is over, this would be a great theme for an eco-friendly birthday party.

◦In-Character FaceTime or Zoom Calls: If you have an older child or teenager, encourage them to make a tiny tot in quarantine smile. Perhaps a Disney Princess or any favorite character video calling your little one can do just the trick. A member of our team made a young girl very happy by FaceTiming her portraying Queen Elsa. The mom wrote back saying “You made her month!” In addition, the characters can entertain the children by reading them stories.

◦DIY: After this project, your little one may feel very inspired. Perhaps they would like to try other simple DIY’s more advanced costume projects. Dress up and role play may become a regular activity!

An at-home character role play session is bound to brighten any child’s day, quarantine or not. We at Tomorrows love the creativity along with the lack of waste and unnecessary shopping!

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