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The Feel Good File from July 20, 2021

TGIF and TG for TFGF, you know? This is the weekend of the year to get out of bounds or head out of town and enjoy pure, unrivaled summer joy. I recently read an article in the NY Times about “collective effervescence” in which Adam Grant writes that “Peak happiness lies mostly in collective activity” rather than the solitary, even for the introverts amongst us” (me, and maybe you, too?). So what will you do to spark that swell of happiness that comes from being with others? Dance at a party? Go to a concert? Organize a group playdate? Picnic with friends and their families by the beach? Whatever you choose, Shop Tomorrows dares you to go big and bold. Happiness shared is happiness sustained!


Team eco-USA: Ralph Lauren is an outfitter for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, and the focus is sustainability. Read about the eco-friendly clothes here, and don’t forget to tune in this weekend for the opening games!


DIY Olympics: Speaking of the Olympics, now’s the time for you and the kiddos to host your very own at-home Olympics, complete with your own DIY torch from recycled materials (no fire necessary)!


Faith-full fashion: There’s been an uptick in demand for sustainable fashion for Eid al-Adha, which started on July 20. Read about all of the Muslim designers that are making it happen on NPR.

Credit: Hakeemah Cummings

Be my BFF?: August 1st is World Friendship Day, which is quite possibly the cutest holiday ever. Help your little ones make friendship bracelets for ALL of their friends with these tutorials, which use all sorts of recycled household materials lying around. So innovative!


Turn “outgrown” into “keepsake”: Every piece of clothing in their closet tells a story, and sometimes it’s impossible to part with something that has so many memories! Here’s a quick and easy way to turn your mini’s outgrown shirts into adorable and sustainable pillows you can cherish forever.

Credit: Katerina Ringes for

Bucket list: Ever feel like the fam is running out of ideas for summertime fun? Worry no longer–this guide has super-cute ideas from fort-building to lemonade-making and everything in between.


Animals dressed like humans: Always good news

Photo credit: IG @Itsaweenieworld




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