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The Feel Good File from June 20, 2021

We. Made. It. Yup! We did it, we are here. School’s out for summer and we will be outside forever this season. Joy fills the fresh air as we emerge from our hibernation ready to greet our friends and family with hugs (or fist bumps) that we have so missed for so long. We have shed some tears, gained some pounds, and learned more about ourselves and our families than we could have ever imagined. So now it’s time to get back out there, ready or not!


We are so excited to be able to share with you a whole host of in-person and virtual feel-good tidbits to fill your days with summer fun.


I tell it like it is: From IG Lives to podcasts, I’ve been spending a lot of time on #realtalk about the balance between entrepreneurialism and motherhood. Sh*t gets real on Michelle Cherian’s podcast Art of the App, and in conversation with the Moonshot Agency and Unmasked Motherhood. Follow our IG @Shop_Tomorrows for more.


DIY: If your daughter’s anything like mine, a “just-so” top will not do. Everything for her needs to be extra girly, extra glitzy, just extra extra. So instead of ditching those boring tops and tees, we’ve been upgrading them with fun flair. Sustainability and creativity are always in style with this adorable and easy DIY ribbon-back top. It’s adorable and easy.

#CleanOn: Coastal cleanups are an awesome activity for kids and kids-at-heart. You’re outside, in nature, doing your part to keep the sea clean while playing in the sand. What could be better? Now you can organize your own cleanup through this site… and there’s even an app to track your progress and share with a worldwide network!


DIY 4th of July: Need some inspo for Independence Day crafts? Look no further than your own home… or recycling bin! This crafty roundup proves that your house has everything you need. No trips to Michael’s required!


Sparks will fly: There are some pretty spectacular alternatives to the toxic fireworks we are used to. Not only do they spare the environment a massive explosion of chemicals, but they’re kinder on the ears of our kiddos (and parents), too!


Bag the plastic: July 3rd is International Plastic Bag Free day! Check out the history of this holiday and ways to celebrate here. Bonus: Tag us in your pics sporting your favorite reusable bag and receive $20 in tokens. Get $50 in tokens when you take a pic with your tote bag! Need one? DM us, we got you!

Mask magic: We finally don’t have to wear masks anymore (thanks, science!). But what about all those extra masks we ordered? This cool video shows some innovative ways to reuse disposable face masks. Head to 1:09 to see the sweetest little barrettes.


From Fashion to Trashion: Similarly, this article in the NY Times chronicles how designers and artists are upcycling facemasks in super creative ways. Included in this article: a wedding dress (!!!), lamps, and furniture.



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